The Kami-Robo exhibit sparked my memories of playing with LJN wrestling figures. This toy line ran from 1984-1988. I absolutely loved these guys. Tag Teams like The Dream Team with Brutus Beefcake (pre "The Barber") and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, The British Bulldogs, The Killer Bee's and Demolition (even if they were Road Warriors rip off's) were great to play with. I had all kinds of props too. Vampire blood, gauze for bandages, Popsicle stick 2X4's. Grueling matches that would last for hours and fill my Sundays. I think what I liked best about Tag Teams is if you were in trouble your partner could bail you out. Or, better yet, you needed your partner to create a devastating "Finishing Move". The greatest Tag Team for me was the Hart Foundation. I could have done without Jimmy Hart, but Bret Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart were amazing! Unfortunately I never had the LJN Hart Foundation box set. I couldn't even find them separately. Oh, I had the Mouth of the South but never Bret Hart or his perfect compliment Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Where was the Internet in 1986 when I needed it?

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